Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last night was a good night

Last night myself and my friend were doing 2v2 games on our level 70 twinks in World of Warcraft.  We run frost mage shadow priest.  We ended up going 19-1 getting up to 2061 rating.  Pretty impressive.  Especially considering my mage still has 3 green items and not a whole lot of resilience.  Out of all games there was absolutely no challenge.  There was one game where we decided to take our chest pieces off and play a match.  I don't know why, it was just funny at the time.  Well, I ended up dying by some heavy burst damage from a destruction warlock.  I gave up hope, tabbed out of WoW and was checking out my facebook.

Meanwhile I hear my friend just start shouting on skype.  I tab into WoW to see he has killed the priest and only the warlock remained.  After about 5 minutes of kiting (he was very low on mana) he killed the warlock and we were victorious!

The game we lost was a legitimate loss.  It was a priest rogue team that was able to apply so much pressure to us that we couldn't do effective damage.  We had the rogue to around 2000 health with the healer CC'd but he cloaked and vanished and was healed to full.  My friend had low mana with no way to get away to drink so we ended up dying and losing 18 points. (Ouch)

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  1. You're the man.



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