Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Gas Day is Tomorrow

If you believe that this will do anything you're stupid.  It doesn't matter if someone is not getting gas on a certain day.  They simply get gas on another day causing absolutely no disruption in profits.  Also, gas stations are mainly independently owned and operated.  The station buys its gas at the wholesale rate and they provide the proper markup to net a small profit to remain in business.  So if you were hurting anyone by participating in this 'event' it would be the owners and employees of these said locally owned and operated gas stations.


  1. no gas day? i dont know anyone who would participate in this. there are no laughs to be had.

  2. lol so everyone will just fill up today, that'll teach them

  3. It should just be gas station day. and all gas station get it off. then it would be more patriotic. following this blog!


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