Thursday, March 31, 2011

Social Anxiety and How to Get Over it

I was always a shy and reserved type of person when it came to social outtings and school.  I thought it would pass over time but it did not.  I did some searching around the internet and found out that my shyness is actually caused by social anxiety.  Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is the actual disease.

My next step was to see how to cure this without the use of mind altering drugs (Xanax, Valium, ect) and expensive cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  I came across a site selling a book that claims it will liberate you from SAD.

I was very skeptical at first that a book could magically cure you from years and years of social problems.  I read countless testimonials stating it worked for them, but I remained skeptical since it's really not hard to write hundreds of reviews using arbitrary names and locations.  Anyways, I looked at the price tag and was instantly shocked.  About $110 for a packet of paper.  It's either a risky scam or it really works.

Searching around further, I found it a lot cheaper over at amazon.  It says it's about $50 now but when I got it back in October 2010, it was $30 + $3.99 shipping from Germany.  Amazon said I should get my package in around 30-45 days.  I was furious and said there was no way it'd take that long.  Oh well there was nothing I could do.  About a week later, I got a package via UPS and sure enough, it's there!  I was incredibly happy.

I began reading through the booklets and the exercises and followed the instructions.  At first it didn't do anything because I was still skeptical.  Turns out you need to put full attention to it and believe it will work.  To complete the entire package and to achieve success, it takes over a month.

But How Does This Work?

The exercises in these booklets literally re-program your self-conscious so that you view situations differently.  For example.  When you're the center of attention, someone with SAD will self-consciously and consciously think what people think of you and that they will make fun of you and humiliate you.  It's terrible.  One of the worst feelings ever.  The El-method completely changes this so you don't ever think that way.  It's a life saver!

The el-method has completely changed my life.  I am able to make conversations with people I don't know without any fear of humiliation.  It's so much easier talking to girls and keeping them interested in you.  Overall the el-method is one of the greatest things created for people with social anxiety.  Do you too have SAD or are just overall a shy person?  Check this product out.  You will NOT be disappointed!


  1. yeah im skeptical aswell. id look into it thoguh

  2. thanks for the info. i have social anxiety disorder too. i need to check this out.

  3. My full-proof cure to getting rid of social anxiety:

    1) Smoke weed.
    2) Hang out with your friends.
    3) Go out.
    4) Profit.

  4. Problem with social anxiety ? Get drunk !

  5. id be skeptical as well but $40 isnt a bad investment if itll work
    following for updates


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